Thom Peace

My Reflection as an Entrepreneur and Educator:
As I sit in my office in downtown Tokyo, overseeing the bustling activities of our business incubator, I often reflect on the journey that brought me here. It’s 2024, and I’m a 54-year-old entrepreneur and educator, but my story began three decades ago, in 1994, when I first set foot in Japan.

The Early Days in Japan: In 1994, I arrived in Japan as an English teacher, a young enthusiast eager to explore a new culture and impart knowledge. My time in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, was filled with learning experiences that went beyond language teaching. It was in Japan where I first understood the intricacies of cross-cultural communication and the importance of adapting to different educational needs.

Venture into E-Commerce in the US:
In 1996, with a heart full of memories and a mind brimming with ideas, I returned to the US. It was the dawn of the digital era, and I plunged into the world of e-commerce. Starting my own company was challenging yet exhilarating. Those years were instrumental in shaping my understanding of the digital business landscape and the potential of online markets.

Managing an Internship Program:
The turn of the millennium marked a new chapter as I began managing an internship program from 2000 to 2004. This role allowed me to merge my educational insights with real-world business acumen. I guided young professionals seeking internships and employment, particularly focusing on American companies, and found immense satisfaction in seeing them succeed.

Return to Japan and Current Endeavors:
In 2004, life brought me back to Japan, this time to Tokyo. The city’s dynamic energy and the opportunity to create something impactful in the educational and entrepreneurial space were irresistible. Fast forward to 2024, and I am now managing a business incubator in the heart of Tokyo. This venture combines my passion for education, entrepreneurship, and technology. We provide a nurturing environment for startups, offering them the tools and guidance to grow in the competitive market.

The Incubator’s Mission:
Our incubator is more than just a space for business growth; it’s a melting pot of ideas and cultures. We focus on fostering international exchange and professional development, drawing from my experiences over the years. We tailor our programs to meet the diverse needs of our entrepreneurs, whether it’s enhancing their tech skills, refining their business strategies, or improving their English communication for the global market.

Looking Ahead:
As I look back on my journey, from teaching English in Japan to running an e-commerce business in the US, and now spearheading a business incubator in Tokyo, I realize that every step has been about bridging gaps – between cultures, between education and business, and between dreams and reality. At 54, I am excited about the future, ready to continue this journey of learning, teaching, and growing.