Thom Peace

Background 経歴

Since 2001, I have been training professionals seeking internships and
employment in American companies. In 2005, I began advising applicants for MBA and other graduate programs in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Mission 使命

My mission is to promote professional development and international
exchange by preparing clients for study abroad and international
employment with the world’s top MBA programs and companies.

Services サービス内容

Experience Building
Participate in Real World Projects in and international team to develop leadership, management, teamwork and technology skills.

Interviews 面接練習
Preparing for face to face and distance interviews with
MBA Admissions and companies. Includes strategy,
techniques and content development.

Resumes 履歴書/レジュメ
Producing effective resumes for MBA Admissions and companies.
Includes proofreading, formatting and content development.

Thom Peace Resume


Essays エッセー
Producing effective essays for MBA Admissions.
Includes proofreading, formatting and content development.

Applications 申請
Producing accurate applications for MBA Admissions and companies.
Includes proofreading and content development.

Process 手順

Contact me by email at with a short introduction of your current situation and goals. Please include the expected scope of work and schedule. Here is an example:
連絡くださいませ。また、期待する研究テーマとスケジュールも添えてください。 こちらの例を参照ください。

Dear Thom,

I am an applicant for an MBA Program starting this autumn. I expect to have an interview with the admissions staff within 1 month and I am interested in your interview training services by Skype.

My best times to take your lessons are Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00 and Monday through Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00. Please let me know your available schedule and how I should prepare for your training.

Best regards,

Applicant Name


Schedule Appointment

Q & A

Q. When did promoting professional development and international exchange become your mission?

A.When I was 20 years old, I traveled abroad for the first time. My time in Europe gave me new perspective about the world and myself. I committed myself to setting and achieving international goals and gave me the passion to help others do the same.

Q. How did you get started in the MBA application preparation field?

A. In 2005, I met Osamu Kinoshita with Future Education Center. I shared with him my background and passion for international exchange and professional development. From then, we collaborated for many years to support MBA applicants to achieve their goals.

Q. How can I contact you by Skype?

A. Send a request to add “thompeace” to your contact list. I will accept your request and we can then send text messages and voice/video talk.