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The Pre-MBA English Communication course focuses on discussing core business topics in English. 

The objective is to enhance skills that will be used in the MBA program, including:

1) Improve students’ efficiency in discussing business concepts in English 
2) Provide practice in applying theory to real world situations
3) Enhance student’s ability to deepen and expand discussions logically and creatively

Each session will focus on one of these areas and uses a Presentation + Discussion + Coaching method.
Students will:
1) Prepare and Give a short presentation to overview and introduce the topic based on source materials (about 10 minutes, with or without slides / notes is ok)
2) Expand the discussion using personal experiences, business cases, and additional source materials

3) Engage the coach in the discussion using questions and follow-up questions in a logical and creative manner

The areas for discussion will be:

Session #2   Strategy
Session #3 Marketing
Marketing Mix
BCG Growth Matrix

Session #6 Entrepreneurship

Fixed vs Growth Mindset
5 Signs You Shouldn’t Be an Entrepreneur
The $100 Startup

Session #7 Management
Six Thinking Hats
Tuckman: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
Bystander Apathy

Session #8 Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
“Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman
“Emotional Agility” by Susan David

Session #9 Creativity
Coming soon!

Session #10 Organisational Behaviour
Coming soon!

*Note: Students can choose one or more of these example topics or choose their own based on their interest

Expanded discussion will explore ideas and issues related to:
Data analytics
Organisational Processes
Operations Management
First Source Materials:
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